Product use

Utilized for the automated cleaning of fruits and the mass preservation of fresh-cut fruits.

The fruits are put into the washing tank in bulk, and the impurities such as hair, worms, sand are separated by aeration and vortex current, and then removed by hair roller, rotary sieve, mesh-belt conveyor and other devices, followed by clean water shower. The cleaned fruit is cut by the automatic cutting machine and transported to the fresh food soaking fresh-keeper by conveyor belt.


Suitable for fresh-cut fruit factories, fruit canneries, fresh-cut fruit workshop of centralized kitchens, etc.

Our advantages


The machine operates according to programmed instructions, with no intervention required for the cleaning and fresh-keeping process, enabling all-day-round uninterrupted operation. The PLC with touch screen features a humanized interactive interface, real-time display of production line running status, and easy adjustment of production parameters. It supports historical parameter memory function for convenient retrieval.

High efficiency and quality

The whole process of cleaning, slicing and preserving ingredients is automated, with fast processing speed and short interval time in each link, and the production line has high comprehensive capacity. Fresh-cut fruits are directly soaked in a preservative solution, and the processed products can be directly packaged. The formula of the preservative solution is natural, healthy and pollution-free, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of ingredients, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and retain the original flavor of the fruit.

Safety and hygiene

The production line prioritizes sanitation protection, ensuring food safety through bacteria-reducing production methods. The operations is integrated on the touchscreen, minimizing contact between human and machine to reduce potential pollution risks. The machine employs seamless welding, wire polishing, and mirror-finish pipeline processes, leaving no hiding spots for bacteria breeding. The multi-functional interfaces connect to cold water, ozone, and other modules for ingredients’ freshness preservation and sterilization. Effective anti-oxidation soaking preserves freshness, retaining the original flavor and nutritional value.

Energy conservation

Automated production reduces staffing and labor costs. The circulating water filtration system reuses water resources, lowering wastewater costs. Users can adjust water flow and cleaning time to optimize water utilization as needed.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The production line boasts robust protection, waterproof, and dust-proof features, enabling direct high-pressure water, chemical, and steam cleaning. The water and gas pipelines feature seamless welding and mirror-finish design for easy cleaning, preventing stains from lingering. Key functional components are designed for effortless disassembly, ensuring a seamless cleaning process.


Using food-grade stainless steel, rubber, nylon, and other high-quality raw materials ensures a long service life. The electrical accessories, sourced from reputable international brands, guarantee reliable quality. The PLC demonstrates robust anti-interference capability, sensitive response, and stable functionality. The electric control box is equipped with a built-in over-current and leakage protection mechanisms, enhancing safety features.

Customize to clients need

We customize the fresh-cut fruit cleaning line to your needs and provide you with solutions for intelligent multi-functional production line.