Product use

The machine is used for automatic serialization and washing of turnover containers (baskets, trays, boxes) .

The AGV runs according to the program, transporting the baskets or trays to the automatic destacking machine for separation. Then, the flipping system rotates them to an open-bottom position for subsequent cleaning. The containers travel along the guide rails into the tunnel, undergo four cleaning steps, as well as two water removal processes of air drying, before leaving the tunnel, being flipped again, and stacked. The entire process is fully automated, without any manual intervention.


Applicable to food processing plants, centralized kitchens, aquatic products processing plants, fresh-cut vegetable processing plants, logistics distribution centers, and other industries such as food, catering, and logistics.

Our advantages


The production line has achieved full automation of the entire process, with the transfer, destacking, cleaning, and stacking of containers all controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This allows for continuous production around the clock. The PLCs are equipped with touchscreens for real-time monitoring of the production line's operation. The user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, and the system can remember historical parameters for quick and easy recall.

High efficiency and quality

The fully automated assembly line automatically performs the processes of destacking, cleaning, and stacking, providing high process efficiency and a cleaning capacity of 200-900 containers per hour. The 360° surround high-temperature and high-pressure spray ensures complete sterilization without any dead spots and removes all dirt without residue. The water temperature can be adjusted to ensure the quality of the sterilization while protecting containers made of materials that are not heat-resistant.

Safety and hygiene

The production line has multiple hygiene protection measures to strictly control pollution risks. The full-coverage spray cleaning ensures complete sterilization without any dead spots, and the water tank is equipped with a filtering device to ensure the hygiene of recycled water. The conveyor track is equipped with dedicated cleaning nozzles to avoid cross-contamination with the containers.

Energy conservation

Fully automatic operation reduces the need for personnel, thus reducing labor costs. The recirculating water filtration system saves water resources and lowers discharge costs. The steam heating efficiency is high, reducing energy consumption.

Cleanliness and sanitation

With waterproof and damp-proof features, the machine allows direct washing with pressurized water, chemical solutions, and sterilizing steam for daily maintenance.

Seamless welding, a round-tube base frame, conduit-contained wiring, and other designs ensure easy and residue-free cleaning.Thoughtful design extends to components like side cover plates, pipe fittings, nozzles, and more, allowing easy disassembly for barrier-free cleaning.


Crafted from high-quality materials with meticulous workmanship, the machine delivers stable and secure performance, ensuring an extended service life. The electrical components are provided by international quality brand manufacturers, ensuring reliable quality.

The electrical control cabinet is water-resistant and dust-proof, with built-in overload and leakage protection devices, providing a high level of safety. The PLC has high control accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and stable operation.

Customize to clients need

We customize equipment and production line to meet you specific requirements; We can also add communication functionality to the modular program to enable remote control and upgrade it to an intelligent unmanned production line.