Product use

The machine is used for intelligent variable pressure braising and rapid cooling for large quantities of ingredients.

The automatic conveyor transports ingredients along a predetermined track, responsible for feeding and discharging. The ingredients are first pre-cooked in a pot with clear water , then transferred to other pot with sauce for high-temperature braising. After the processing is completed, the ingredients will be transferred to a cooler for two-stage vacuum cooling.


Our machine is widely applied to leisure food processing plants, braised-meat manufacturer, delicatessen food manufacturer, centralized kitchens, fresh food factories, and various other businesses.

Our advantages


The production line has a high degree of automation, with the processes controlled by the program without manual intervention. The production line is equipped with a touch screen, providing a simple and easy-to-use interface that displays real-time equipment status, effectively simplifying operation steps. It can also memorize historical process parameters for convenient and quick recall.

High efficiency and quality

The integrated design of sauce processing and cooling features scientific process arrangement and reasonable equipment division, enabling large-scale and standardized sauce processing. The intelligent control technology is used to accurately control the sauce processing temperature, supporting three modes of normal/normal pressure/negative pressure, providing a more diverse process and higher sauce processing efficiency. The application of three-stage vacuum technology achieves rapid and uniform cooling, effectively inhibits bacteria and oxidation, and ensures more hygienic and flavorful food.

Safety and hygiene

The entire equipment adopts a high-protection design, with sanitary-grade fasteners and rubber sealing gaskets to ensure a smooth and hygienic surface without dead angles. The inner cavity of the sauce pot adopts seamless welding and an inner mirror surface with R-corner design, providing a smooth surface transition and reducing stain retention, effectively inhibiting the growth of germs.

Energy conservation

In our dedication to energy efficiency, mechanized and automated operations free up manpower, resulting in savings on labor, water, and electricity costs.

The square pot body design maximizes space utilization, and steam heating ensures high efficiency. Furthermore, the high-insulation material in the pot body minimizes heat loss, enhancing energy savings.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The production line has a high degree of protection and the entire equipment can be directly subjected to high-pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning, and high-temperature steam sterilization. The equipment is equipped with a cleaning interface that supports CIP/SIP/COP systems, making automated cleaning more convenient.


Crafted from premium materials, the machine features food-grade stainless steel, silicone, providing anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties. The electrical components are sourced from top international brands, ensuring a high configuration and enduring quality.With a PLC control system, the machine operates seamlessly with minimal interference and high precision. The waterproof and dust-proof electric control box is equipped with over-current and earth-leakage protection mechanisms, further enhancing safety measures.

Customize to clients need

We will customize the appropriate specifications and functions of the sauce processing line according to your actual needs, and provide you with integrated fresh food factory solutions for upstream and downstream food processing in the sauce industry chain, including ingredients cleaning and food cooling.