Intelligent Steam Jacketed Braiser

High-volume ingredient boiling, multi-functional smart cooking.

Intelligent Steeping Braiser

Fully utilizes the principle of vacuum infusion for rapid pickling and uniform flavor absorption.

Slow Braiser

Intelligent temperature control for precise control, slow cooking at constant temperature for better freshness.

Intelligent Mixer

Stirring various types of ingredients; cooking a variety of dishes.

Intelligent Vacuum Mixer

Intelligent variable-speed stirring with vacuum bacteria inhibition for freshness preservation.

Tamagoyaki Machine

Automated mass production, achieving dual breakthroughs in both capacity and quality.

Fresh Food Steamer

Three-dimensional steam circulation for uniform and rapid steaming to lock in freshness.

Atmospheric Steam Sterilizer

Steam sterilization under normal pressure without damaging the vacuum packaging.

Steamed Food Processing Line

A new revolution in steaming technology, embracing large-scale production.

Multifunctional Braising Line

Three-mode adjustable pressure boiling process with full functionality; two-stage vacuum cooling technology for precise processing.

Vaccum Marinading Line

Utilizes vacuum principles to accelerate the pickling process, resulting in more uniform flavor absorption.

Slow Cooking Line

High-precision intelligent temperature control for high-quality constant temperature slow cooking.

Automatic Stir-Frying Line

A new breakthrough in automatic stir-frying technology, offering both reliability and hygiene.

Steam Sterilizing Line

Steam heating under normal pressure for rapid and uniform temperature rise, and thorough sterilization.

Tamagoyaki Processing Line

Automated production saves costs while prioritizing both quality and efficiency.