Fresh Food Cooler (Bakery Series)

Inhibit oxidation, water loss, and other phenomena to protect the appearance and taste of food.

Fresh Food Cooler (Braised Product Series)

Rapid cooling, antibacterial and antioxidant effects make the braised flavor even more delicious.

Fresh Food Cooler (Pre-Made Dish Series)

Adaptive cooling process based on the type of food to improve the taste restoration of dishes

Vacuum Cooler (Bakery Series)

Applying advanced Tri-synergy vacuum technology for high efficiency and energy conservation.

Vacuum Cooler (Braised Product Series)

Vacuum rapid cooling and bacteria inhibition to prevent oxidation of food ingredients.

Vacuum Cooler (Pre-Made Dish Series)

Touch-sensitive interactive screen with a user-friendly program interface, simple and easy to use.

Vacuum Pre-Cooler

The cooling process is accompanied by vacuum cooking, making the ingredients more full-bodied and flavorful.

Intelligent Fresh Food Cooler

Top-mounted door design with hanging racks for bulk material feeding to ensure high productivity.

Pre-Made Dish Cooling Line

Customizable cooling process recipes suitable for various types of dishes.

Cooked Rice Cooling Line

Compact stacked layout with high continuous production capacity.

Braised Food Cooling Line

Automated material feeding saves labor; vacuum cooling is more hygienic.

Bakery Products Cooling Line

Vacuum cooling maintains the full shape and beautiful gloss of baked goods.

Autolift Cooling Line

Utilizing intelligent control technology to eliminate the fear of soup splashing.

Intelligent Cooling Line

Automated processes, standardized techniques, and standardized management.