Ingredients Washer

Uses physical cleaning methods, no detergent added, and no chemical residue.

Foreign Matter Removal Wahser

Multiple foreign matter removal processes to restore the natural freshness of ingredients.

Vegetable & Fruit Fresh-Keeper

Batch preservation of diced fruits and vegetables to maintain the original taste and freshness of ingredients.

Fresh-Cut Fruits Processing Line

Gentle cleaning that does not damage the outer skin of fruits, preserving freshness through soaking to prevent oxidation and browning.

Instant Vegetable Processing Line

Multiple cleaning and disinfecting processes, finished products can be eaten directly.

Prepped Vegetable Cleaning Line

High-quality cleaning of fresh vegetables, meeting the standards for immediate cooking and preparation.

Salad Cleaning Line

Cleaning operations do not require chemical additives, maintaining the pure natural nutrition of ingredients.

Ingredients Cleaning Line

Universal Cleaning Line suitable for fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.