Product use

This machine is used for quick pickling and vacuum cooling of large quantities of preserved food.

The automatic transfer machine moves along the track under the control of the program, performing the transfer and dosing of ingredients. The ingredients first undergo a pre-cooking process, and then are transferred to an intelligent pickling pot containing sauce for vacuum impregnation treatment. After pickling and flavoring, the ingredients are uniformly transferred to an intelligent vacuum cooler for two-stage vacuum rapid cooling.


Our machine is widely applied to leisure food processing plants, braised-meat manufacturer, delicatessen food manufacturer, centralized kitchens, fresh food factories, and various other businesses.

Our advantages


With high automation, the processes of dosing, transfer, pickling, and cooling are all controlled by the program. After setting the process parameters, the machine can operate automatically. The operator can interact with the machine through the touch screen, and the screen can monitor the key operating parameters in real time. The program interface is simple and easy to use, and it supports the storage of historical process parameters, making it convenient for users to quickly call them up.

High efficiency and quality

The production line utilizes the principles of vacuum impregnation and vacuum cooling, resulting in fast pickling speed and high cooling efficiency, significantly reducing the production cycle. By applying intelligent temperature control and two-stage vacuum cooling processes, the production has high process precision, achieving standardized pickling processing, ensuring more uniform flavoring and fresher taste.

Safety and hygiene

The production line adopts high-standard sanitary design, strictly controlling the pollution risk in the production process. It reduces human-machine contact and potential human pollution risks through automatic control. The lifting frame used for material delivery is designed to be simple and can be directly placed in the inner pot for steam sterilization. The inner pot adopts seamless welding and mirror finishing processes, with smooth transitions and no dead angles, making it difficult for bacteria to breed.

Energy conservation

Intelligent and refined operations save labor, water, and electricity costs. Steam heating is highly efficient and more energy-saving. The interlayer of the pot body is filled with thermal insulation materials to save heat energy. The main body adopts a square design, making the spatial layout more flexible and saving space.

Cleanliness and sanitation

All equipment in the production line adopts high-protection design, which is waterproof and dustproof. It can be directly washed with high-pressure water, chemically cleaned, and sterilized with high-temperature steam, ensuring hygiene. The intelligent brine pot has a dedicated interface that can support CIP/SIP/COP cleaning and sterilization systems, making automated cleaning more convenient.


All equipment adopts high-quality raw materials such as food-grade stainless steel and silicone, ensuring long service life. Electrical accessories are purchased from international quality brands, ensuring quality. The PLC control program is easy to maintain and has stable functions.

Customize to clients need

We will customize the food marination production line according to your actual needs, with specifications and functions that meet your requirements. We can also provide you with more professional solutions for food cooking and food cooling production lines.