Product use

It is used for batch boiling and rapid cooling of Zongzi.

The fresh food transfer machine runs according to program instructions, and is responsible for batch grabbing and transferring of Zongzi. Zongzi is first put into the intelligent sauce pot for boiling, and then transferred to the intelligent fresh food cooler for rapid cooling after cooking.


It is suitable for food processing plants that produce Zongzi and large Zongzi production workshops in the central kitchen.

Our advantages


This production line is an automated assembly line, and the processing process does not require manual intervention, allowing uninterrupted production 24/7. PLC paired with touch interactive screen, real-time monitoring of equipment operation; Humanized program interface, convenient for personnel to set and adjust parameters as needed; Support process storage function, convenient for users to quickly call.

High efficiency and quality

Multi functional integrated design, multiple equipment in parallel, alternate cooking and cooling of Zongzi, shorten the processing cycle, and ensure continuous operation of high productivity; Intelligent temperature control, high process precision, ensure that the maturity of Zongzi is even; Vacuum cooling can effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction and extend the fresh-keeping period of Zongzi.

Safety and hygiene

The production line pays attention to hygiene protection, and all equipment generally adopts seamless welding, wire drawing and polishing processes, which are not easy to accumulate water and dust, and effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria; The supporting feeding hanger can be directly sterilized at high temperature inside the pot to avoid cross infection; Vacuum cooling can inhibit bacterial growth and extend the shelf life of food.

Energy conservation

The operation of the production line is controlled by a program, without the need for manual intervention, saving labor costs; Using steam for heating has high efficiency and is more energy-efficient than electric heating; The vacuum cooling system has undergone professional tuning and optimization, resulting in low power consumption.

Cleanliness and sanitation

All equipment on the line is highly protective, easy to clean, convenient for daily cleaning, and has guaranteed hygiene. The entire equipment is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can be directly washed with high-pressure water, chemically cleaned, and sterilized with high-temperature steam; Designed with mirror polishing and curved edges, stains are not easily left behind after cleaning; Support CIP/SIP/COP cleaning process, systematic cleaning to ensure the hygiene of the production line.


The equipment on the entire line is made of high-quality materials, finely crafted, and has stable functions. Food grade stainless steel, rubber and other raw materials, durable and anti-aging. Electrical accessories adopt international high-quality brands with guaranteed quality. PLC has strong electromagnetic interference resistance and stable functions.

Customize to clients need

We can customize the Zongzi production line with corresponding specifications and functions according to your actual needs, and can add remote control functions on the basis of the existing production line to build an unmanned intelligent fresh food factory!