Product use

The machine is used for automated vacuum cooling of premade dishes.

The material transfer machine follows the set program to grasp and place food trays, which are then conveyed along the track and distributed to the empty cooling chambers. Once the food is in place, the chamber door automatically closes, and the vacuum system starts to extract vacuum, rapidly cooling the high-temperature food to the target temperature. Subsequently, the equipment automatically returns to normal pressure, opens the discharge door at the discharge end, and finally completes discharging the material by the material transfer machine.


Our machine is mainly for enterprises that are involved in the production of pre-made dishes, including catering businesses, supply chain enterprises, food OEM factories, fresh good factories, and centralized kitchens.

Our advantages


This production line has a high degree of automation, with each device operating according to specified program instructions. There is no need for manual intervention in food transfer, cooling, discharge, and other operations, allowing continuous operation 24/7.

High efficiency and quality

The production line has a smooth process and high production efficiency. The material transfer machine carries out orderly feeding and discharging operations, and the parallel cooler alternate in executing cooling operations, significantly reducing the production cycle. Thanks to the carefully calibrated vacuum system, the cooling speed is fast, ensuring high production capacity. Additionally, the vacuum environment can resist food oxidation, prevent microbial infections, preserve the appearance and flavor of the dishes, and extend the shelf life.

Safety and hygiene

All equipment on the line adopts a high-protection design, with a high self-cleaning rate and cross-contamination prevention control. The sanitary-grade fasteners are paired with rubber sealing gaskets, and laser seam welding is combined with polishing processes to ensure the surface hygiene of the equipment. The control of the production line is centralized on the touchscreen, reducing human contact with the equipment and thus reducing potential sources of human pollution.

Energy conservation

The production line applies Tri-synergy vacuum technology, which is efficient and energy-saving. The cooling machine chambers are insulated with polyurethane foams, reducing energy losses. The chilled water units automatically switch modes based on ambient temperature, making them more energy-efficient.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The individual devices on the production line are water-resistant and dust-proof, allowing for direct high-pressure water cleaning, chemical cleaning, and steam sterilization. It incorporates multiple easy-to-clean designs, with smooth and seamless outer surfaces. Components such as pipelines are designed for easy disassembly, providing unobstructed cleaning.


The equipment is manufactured with excellent craftsmanship, providing stable functionality and long service life. It features high-quality electrical components from international brands, which are highly configured and reliable in performance. The cooling chambers are reinforced with reinforcement bars, providing a sturdy and structurally safe design. The PLC electrical control system is modularized, providing stable functionality and convenient maintenance.

Customize to clients need

We can customize the food cooling lines with specifications and functions that meet your specific needs, and provide integrated fresh food factory solutions that include functions such as material cleaning, dish cooking, and container cleaning.