Product use

The machine is used for vacuum low-temperature cooking of large batches of ingredients such as low-temperature slow-cooked meat and soft-boiled eggs.

The ingredients are first sealed and packaged using a vacuum packaging machine, and then batch-fed by an automatic transfer machine. The ingredients are then heated in a low-temperature slow-cooking pot, and after completion, they are sent to an automatic packaging machine for packaging.


The machine is used for low-temperature slow cooking of large batches of ingredients such as low-temperature slow-cooked meat and soft-boiled eggs.

Our advantages


Automated production, the process is controlled by the PLC program, and the operator can automatically run after setting the parameters on the touch screen. The program interface is simple and easy to use, displaying key parameters in real time to facilitate decision-making. The program can also remember historical process parameters for quick recall.

High efficiency and quality

High production efficiency. The slow-cooking pot has a large capacity inner pot, which can be used with a dedicated lifting frame for batch feeding. Single batch production is large, and continuous operation has high productivity.

High product quality. Sensors measure temperature in real time, and the system accurately controls the heating temperature based on feedback, ensuring the precision of low-temperature slow-cooking processes.

Safety and hygiene

All equipment in the production line has a high degree of protection, using hygienic fasteners and rubber sealing gaskets to ensure a smooth and seamless transition, ensuring the hygiene of the equipment's exterior surface. The inner pot of the pot adopts seamless welding, internal mirror surface, and rounded edge design, avoiding stain residue and making it difficult for bacteria to breed.

Energy conservation

Mechanical automation replaces manual operations, saving labor, water, and electricity costs. The pot body adopts a square design, which has a high space utilization rate and saves on floor space occupation.

A three-dimensional steam heating solution is adopted, and heating zones can be configured based on the liquid level, making it more energy-saving. The interlayer between the equipment shell and the inner pot is filled with high heat preservation materials to reduce heat loss.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The production line emphasizes its own cleanability, with all equipment being waterproof and dustproof, and able to withstand high-pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning, and high-temperature steam sterilization. The equipment has a dedicated cleaning interface that supports CIP/SIP/COP systems, making automated cleaning more convenient.


High-quality raw materials such as food-grade stainless steel and silicone are used, ensuring a long service life for the equipment. Electrical accessories are supplied by international brand manufacturers, with high configuration and reliable performance. The PLC has strong resistance to electromagnetic interference and stable functions. The electrical control box is waterproof and moisture-resistant, with built-in overload and leakage protection devices, ensuring a high level of safety.

Customize to clients need

We will customize the food slow-cooking production line according to your actual needs, with specifications and functions that meet your requirements. We can also provide you with production line solutions that are complementary to the slow-cooking line, such as ingredients cleaning and food cooling.