Product use

The machine is used for mass production of steamed food such as rice, buns (plain or stuffed), ribs, etc.

The AGV runs along the route and transports the ingredients in batches to the fresh food steaming cabinet. The PLC controls the valves of the steam pipeline and introduces high-temperature steam into the cabinet to heat the ingredients quickly and evenly. After the steaming is complete, the cabinet door opens and the AGV is responsible for discharging the materials.


The machine is widely applied to large food-proceeding factories including centralized kitchens, fresh-food factories, pre-made food factories, food factories and more.

Our advantages


The production line has achieved production automation and process visualization. Users can set the operating parameters of each device through the touch screen, and no manual intervention is required after the official operation. The interactive interface is simple and easy to use, and can store or export historical process recipes for convenient and quick recall by users.

High efficiency and quality

The production line focuses on efficiency and quality. Multiple steaming cabinets are organized in parallel, alternating between food steaming to ensure high production capacity through continuous operation. Intelligent temperature control technology is applied to accurately control the heating temperature, ensuring uniform maturity of the food.

Safety and hygiene

The entire equipment generally adopts designs such as sanitary-grade fasteners and rubber sealing gaskets, which give the equipment a higher surface hygiene and prevent dirt and impurities from being hidden. The processes of seamless welding, brushing, and polishing make the equipment surface smooth and easy to clean, inhibiting the growth of germs.

Energy conservation

Steam heating system boasts high efficiency and minimal energy loss. Steam flow is precisely regulated by temperature system, avoiding excessive energy consumption. The heat circulation system facilitates even heat distribution and higher energy utilization. The cabinet walls and its door are filled with high-performance thermal insulation material to minimize heat loss.

Cleanliness and sanitation

Waterproof and dust-proof, the machine allows for direct wiping, chemical cleaning, high-pressure water washing and steam sterilization. The equipment is equipped with water-spraying system for cleaning the inner liner. The seamlessly welded inner liner, and polished pipelines, facilitates cleaning leaving no residue.


Crafted from fine materials with excellent workmanship, the machine delivers reliable performance with an extended service life. All raw materials, including food-grade stainless steel, silicone and plastics are corrosion-resistant and anti-aging. Our electrical components are supplied by top international brands, guaranteeing reliability and quality. The cabinet and the door are reinforced with rebar to ensure security and avoid deformation. The stable and reliable PLC control system ensures the long-term machine operation.

Customize to clients need

We customize food steaming lines to meet your specific requirements. We offer an integrated solution for fresh food production, combining food cooking and vacuum cooling functions in a single automatic production line.