Product use

The machine is used to mix and cook large quantities of food ingredients.

The AGV intelligent robot is responsible for transporting and delivering materials, while the intelligent mixer is responsible for heating and stirring the ingredients. After the stir-frying is complete, the one-button dumping function is activated to achieve automatic discharging.


It applies to food raw material processing plants, filling processing plants, pre-made food processing plants, centralized kitchen, fresh food factories and other enterprises.

Our advantages


This production line has a high degree of automation, with AGV and intelligent mixer automatically operating according to programmed instructions, freeing up human labor. Process parameters can be quickly set through the touchscreen interface, and support for storing historical parameters allows for quick recall with a single click.

High efficiency and quality

Equipped with a large-capacity pot, this machine allows for batch production capacity of up to 800kg. By allowing tilting for material outflow, it comprehensively enhances production efficiency. Intelligent and self-adaptive heating ensures product quality through refined techniques. The circular wall-scraping not only prevents ingredient damage but also ensures consistent cuisine cooking and improved seasoning of fillings.

Safety and hygiene

The machine adopts multiple aseptic designs to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring health. Additionally, it is equipped with a steam sterilizing system to sterilize the entire machine. Our one-piece seamlessly welded inner liner, treated with mirror polishing, creates a smooth surface without hidden corners, effectively preventing the accumulation of bacteria or foreign objects. The heat-resistant non-stick Teflon scrapers make it difficult for bacteria to adhere and persist.

Energy conservation

Our steam heating system boasts high efficiency, leading to substantial energy savings compared to electrical heating. Steam flow is regulated based on the actual temperature of the ingredients, preventing heat waste. The pot body is insulated with high-performance thermal material between the shell and inner liner to minimize heat loss.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The machine adopts a high protection standard design, ensuring waterproof and moisture-proof capabilities,can be cleaned directly with high pressure, chemical cleaning, and steam sterilization, guaranteeing cleanliness and hygiene. The mixing system is designed for easy disassembly, The pot is equipped with the steam interfaces on both sides of rotary shaft for effortless cleaning.


Crafted from fine materials with excellent workmanship, the machine delivers reliable performance with extended service life. Materials, including food-grade stainless steel and silicone, are highly durable. Our electrical components are supplied by top international brands, guaranteeing reliability and quality. The steam pipeline is equipped with the over-pressure alarm and pressure relief system. The electrical power cabinet is equipped with over-current and earth-leakage protection mechanism for super safety. The PLC program demonstrates high resistance to disturbance, precise control, and stable functionality.

Customize to clients need

We customize equipment and production lines to match your unique specifications, and offer one-stop solutions on the fresh food automated production line.