Product use

This machine is designed for the rapid bacterial-controlled cooling of high-temperature foods.

The AGV transports the material baskets containing ingredients, and then the intelligent picking robot lifts the entire lifting frame of the fixed material baskets and places it into the intelligent fresh food cooler. This allows the food to be quickly cooled in a vacuum environment. After the cooling is complete, the equipment automatically opens the door, and the picking robot and AGV complete the discharge process.


Widely utilized in the food processing plants, centralized kitchens, and fresh food factories, among others.

Our advantages


The production line is automated and the cooling process runs strictly according to the program without human intervention. The touchscreen displays real-time information about the production line's operation, facilitating personnel to adjust process parameters as needed. The user-friendly program interface is equipped with easy start and stop buttons, optimizing the user experience. The control system can be equipped with a communication module for remote control.

High efficiency and quality

We can plan the actual path of the AGV and the food transfer machine based on the workshop space, ensuring smooth connections between each stage and reducing processing time. Multiple coolers operate collaboratively in rotation to maintain high production capacity. Vacuum cooling prevents food from suffering high-temperature oxidation, moisture loss, surface cracking, and other issues, maintaining good appearance and taste.

Safety and hygiene

The production line focuses on hygiene and incorporates multiple antibacterial measures. Before cooling begins, steam is used to sterilize the vacuum piping, ensuring a clean cooling environment and preventing cross-contamination. All operations are concentrated on the touchscreen, avoiding human-machine contact and reducing the risk of human-induced pollution. The cooling chamber is equipped with high-precision filters to ensure that the air drawn into the chamber during repressurization is clean and safe.

Energy conservation

The vacuum system, professionally tuned, operates with low energy consumption. The steam jet ejector precisely regulates the steam flow, thus saving energy. The intelligent chiller switches modes based on ambient temperature, ensuring long-lasting and efficient power conservation. The chamber body incorporates polyurethane foam insulation, effectively minimizing heat exchange and resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Cleanliness and sanitation

Attaching great importance on its own cleanliness, the whole machine can be directly cleaned with pressurized water, chemical solutions, and sterilizing steam, reducing cleaning cost.The inner liner features seamless welding and a mirror-finish treatment, while the edges and corners have smooth, curved transitions. This design ensures easy cleaning without any residue.


Made of fine materials with excellent workmanship, the machine delivers stable and safe performance with a long service life. The machine utilizes food-grade stainless steel, silicone, nylon, and other durable materials. We source electrical components from renowned international brands, ensuring reliability and top-quality performance. The cooling chamber is reinforced with rebar to maintain structural integrity under vacuum conditions, prioritizing production safety. By adopting the PLC control system, the machine operates smoothly with minimal interference, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

Customize to clients need

We customize equipment and production lines to match your unique specifications, and offer more one-stop solutions on the fresh food automated production lines.