Product use

Used for automated braising and rapid cooling of sauce braised pork elbow.

The automatic transfer machine transfers and places materials according to the established procedure. The elbow is first boiled in the intelligent sauce pot, and after removing the fishy smell and blood foam, it is transferred to a pot containing sauce and seasoning for high-pressure braising. After the hot processing is completed, the elbow will be transferred to the intelligent fresh food cooling machine for rapid cooling.


Suitable for food processing plants, cooked food processing plants, central kitchen braised flavor production workshops, etc. engaged in elbow production.

Our advantages


The production line is controlled by automation, and the process is led by the program, allowing uninterrupted production 24/7. Human computer interaction is carried out through touch screens, which monitor key parameters of the production line in real-time, facilitating personnel to timely grasp the process flow; The interface is simple and user-friendly, with simple operation steps, and supports storing and exporting historical production parameters, making it convenient and quick to call.

High efficiency and quality

Integrated production line functions, fast pre cooking, high-pressure brine cooking, and vacuum cooling are carried out in an orderly manner, with a short production cycle and guaranteed production capacity. Supports two types of braising modes, normal pressure and high pressure, and can be switched as needed. Rich processes ensure the quality of food processing. Magnetic stirring promotes the uniform distribution of heat and flavor substances, without damaging the appearance of the elbow. The independently developed two-stage relay cooling process can ensure that food is full and juicy, effectively preventing problems such as oxidation, discoloration, dehydration, and weight loss.

Safety and hygiene

The production line pays attention to hygiene protection and integrates multiple bacterial control measures. The entire equipment line is generally designed with sanitary grade fasteners, rubber sealing washers, as well as seamless welding, wire drawing and polishing processes. The transition of each surface is smooth, and stains are not easy to remain, leaving no place for bacteria to grow.

Energy conservation

Automated mechanical processing liberates manpower and reduces labor costs. Integrated design, compact equipment layout, and space saving. The temperature control system regulates the steam flow rate based on the actual temperature to avoid resource waste. The vacuum cooling system has undergone professional tuning and is low-carbon and energy-saving.

Cleanliness and sanitation

Production integration with high protection and easy to clean design, ensuring hygiene. The entire equipment is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can be directly washed with high-pressure water, chemically cleaned, and sterilized with high-temperature steam. It also supports cleaning processes such as CIP/SIP/COP; The equipment is designed with seamless welding, circular pipe hangers, mirror inner liner, smooth edges, etc., ensuring unobstructed cleaning and no residue of stains.


The entire line of equipment has excellent material selection, fine workmanship, stable functions, and a long service life. Using high-quality raw materials such as food grade stainless steel and rubber, which are durable and long-lasting; Electrical accessories are provided by international high-quality brand manufacturers with guaranteed quality; The PLC system has good adaptability to the environment, strong anti-interference ability, and stable functions.

Customize to clients need

We can customize elbow braised cooking lines with corresponding specifications and functions according to your actual needs; Upgradable or adding new features, we will create a future oriented unmanned and sterile fresh food factory for you!