Product use

Used for automated sauce processing and rapid cooling of beef based foods.

The fresh food transfer machine travels along the track according to the set program and is responsible for the placement and transportation of materials. The beef is first pre cooked with clean water in an intelligent sauce pot to remove any fishy smell, blood stains, and foam. Then, it is transferred to a pot filled with seasoning and soup for braising; The beef after thermal processing will be transported to the intelligent fresh food cooling machine for vacuum controlled bacterial cooling.


Suitable for enterprises such as soy sauce and braised meat processing factories, cooked food processing factories, prefabricated vegetable processing factories, fresh food factories, and central kitchens.

Our advantages


The production line realizes intelligent automation, with each link running automatically and can run 24 hours without interruption. Operators set process parameters and monitor the operation of the production line in real time through a touch screen; The interactive interface is simple and easy to use, supporting the storage of historical process formulas, making it convenient for users to quickly call, saving time and effort.

High efficiency and quality

The production process design is reasonable, and the transportation, pre cooking, braising, and cooling of ingredients are closely connected, effectively shortening the production cycle and ensuring high production capacity; Support two types of braising processes, atmospheric pressure and high pressure, with rich processes to ensure the quality of processing; The independently developed two-stage vacuum cooling process effectively solves problems such as food oxidation and discoloration, bacterial growth, dehydration and weight loss, making beef more plump, juicy, tender and flavorful.

Safety and hygiene

The production line pays attention to hygiene protection, reduces personnel and equipment contact through automated production, and effectively solves potential hygiene hazards in manual operations. The entire line of equipment adopts sanitary grade fasteners, rubber sealing washers, and other designs, as well as seamless welding, wire drawing and polishing processes. The outer surface is smooth and flawless, eliminating stains and leaving no place for bacteria to grow.

Energy conservation

Automated production replaces manual labor and reduces labor costs; The temperature control system regulates the steam flow rate based on the actual temperature of the ingredients, avoiding resource waste; The vacuum system of the cooling machine has been professionally calibrated and optimized, with high efficiency and low energy consumption, effectively reducing cooling costs.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The production line pays attention to hygiene protection, with high protection, easy cleaning, and guaranteed hygiene. The entire equipment is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can be directly washed with high-pressure water, chemically cleaned, and sterilized with high-temperature steam, making it convenient for daily cleaning; The inner tanks of each equipment are designed with seamless welding, mirror polishing, and curved edges that are easy to clean, making stains less likely to remain; Supports CIP/SIP/COP systems, making automated sterilization and cleaning more convenient.


The entire line of equipment has excellent material selection, fine workmanship, stable functions, and a long service life. Using food grade stainless steel, high-quality rubber and other raw materials, durable and anti-aging; Electrical accessories come from international high-quality brand manufacturers with guaranteed quality; The PLC system has strong anti-interference ability, high control accuracy, and more stable operation.

Customize to clients need

We can customize sauce braised beef production lines with corresponding specifications and functions according to your needs; By adding remote communication functions, we can build a future oriented unmanned and sterile fresh food factory for you!