Product use

This machine is designed for the automated cooling of large batches of baked goods.

The automatic transfer machine runs along the track under the control of the program to grasp and transport food. The freshly baked food is conveyed into the chamber of the cooler, and it is quickly cooled in a vacuum environment. After the cooling is complete, the equipment automatically opens the door at the discharge end of the chamber, and the automatic transfer machine discharges the food.


It finds extensive application in various settings such as bakery food enterprises, par-baked food processing plants, centralized kitchens serving chained bakery stores, and bakery workshops.

Our advantages


The automated production line strictly follows the program for the transportation, cooling, and discharge of products, without manual intervention, to achieve standardized production management. The touchscreen interface provides real-time display of operational parameters, facilitating personnel to adjust the cooling process as needed. The user-friendly interface is equipped with physical buttons for easy start and stop operations, optimizing the user experience.

High efficiency and quality

The entire production line runs in an orderly manner under the control of the program, ensuring smooth connections between each stage and effectively reducing the processing cycle. The application of Tri-synergy vacuum technology provides fast cooling rates. The cooler adopts a parallel distribution, allowing for high production capacity through alternating operations. Vacuum cooling prevents food from oxidization, moisture loss, cracking, and other issues, maintaining good appearance and taste. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria, extending the shelf life of food products.

Safety and hygiene

The production line incorporates multiple antibacterial designs, such as seamless welding of the inner tank, a 172° anti-dripping angle, and bi-directional through-door access, to strictly control the risk of contamination during the cooling process. Before operation, steam sterilization is used to sterilize the vacuum piping and create a clean environment. The main human-machine interaction is achieved through the touchscreen, reducing contact between personnel and the equipment and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Energy conservation

The application of Tri-synergy vacuum technology reduces the energy consumption of the machine. The cooler adopts an up-down stacking layout, which has a high space utilization rate and saves floor space. The cooling chamber uses polyurethane foaming insulation to block heat conduction and reduce energy loss. The chiller switches between working modes intelligently based on the ambient temperature, saving energy.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The equipment on the production line adopts a high-protection design that is waterproof and moisture-resistant, allowing for direct operation of high-pressure water cleaning, chemical cleaning, and high-temperature steam sterilization. It is easy to clean and maintain. The equipment also features easy-to-clean design elements, such as round pipe hangers, "I" type sliding rails, and detachable top covers. The surface of the equipment is smooth with no dead angles, facilitating unobstructed cleaning and preventing residue from remaining.


All raw materials used are corrosion-resistant and anti-aging, including food-grade stainless steel, rubber, plastics. We source our electrical components from international top brands, guaranteeing reliability and quality. The cooling chamber and its door are reinforced with rebar to maintain the structural integrity even under vacuum conditions. The PLC control system has strong anti-interference ability, high control precision and strong stability. The cabinet is equipped with over-current and earth leakage protection mechanisms to ensure the safety.

Customize to clients need

We customize equipment to meet your specific requirements by adjusting specifications and functions accordingly, and offer more solutions on the automated food processing production lines.