Product use

This machine is used for automated cooling of large quantities of cooked rice.

The transfer machine grasps the rice trays and sends them into the empty cooling chamber. The chamber door automatically closes, and the vacuum system starts operating, rapidly cooling the rice. Afterwards, the equipment automatically returns to normal pressure, the chamber door opens, and ultimately, the transfer machine completes the discharge operation.


The equipment is suitable for large-scale rice production workshops in central kitchen, fresh food factory, and premade food factory enterprises.

Our advantages


The equipment on the production line runs strictly according to program instructions, and there is no need for manual intervention in the transportation, cooling, and discharge of the rice. The control system adopts a modular design, allowing for the addition of communication modules for remote control. Operators can interact with the system through the touchscreen, and the screen displays real-time information on the production line's operation status, facilitating decision-making. The user-friendly menu interface is accompanied by simple start/stop buttons, optimizing the operator's experience.

High efficiency and quality

The production line adopts a Tri-synergy vacuum technology, which provides fast cooling and significantly increases cooling output. The cooling machine is designed with an upper and lower parallel arrangement, allowing for staggered cooling to accelerate the cooling process. The vacuum-cooled rice has uniform temperature throughout, which helps control moisture loss and results in rice grains that are plump and have a crystal-clear luster.

Safety and hygiene

The design of the production line places particular emphasis on hygiene and bacteria control. The entire process is automated, with the main control interface being the touchscreen, reducing the risk of human-induced contamination. The equipment generally uses hygienic grade fasteners and rubber sealing gaskets, providing smooth and seamless surfaces that prevent bacteria from breeding. The integrated seamless welding inner liner is paired with high-temperature-resistant silicone sealing strips, preventing the entry of germs and foreign objects.

Energy conservation

The production line applies Tri-synergy vacuum technology, which is efficient and energy-saving. The cooler adopts an upper and lower stacked layout, which provides high space utilization and saves on space. The cooling chambers are insulated with polyurethane foams, which block heat conduction and conserve energy. The water chiller can switch between operating modes based on ambient temperature, resulting in low carbon and environmental friendliness.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The equipment on the production line is water-resistant and moisture-proof, allowing for direct high-pressure water cleaning, chemical cleaning, and steam sterilization operations for convenient daily maintenance. It incorporates multiple easy-to-clean designs to ensure seamless cleaning and no residue stains. The operation of the production line does not generate pollution, facilitating the control of workshop hygiene.


The equipment throughout the line is carefully selected for its materials, fine workmanship, stable functionality, and long service life. Electrical components are from international quality brands, providing high-end configurations and reliable performance. The cooling chambers feature reinforced designs for solid and safe operation. The PLC has strong anti-interference capabilities and stable functionality. The electrical control box is water-resistant and moisture-proof, with built-in overload and leakage protection devices to ensure the safety of the equipment itself and operators.

Customize to clients need

We can customize rice production lines of corresponding specifications based on your actual needs, and provide you with smart fresh food factory solutions integrating rice steaming, cooling, and more.