Product Usage

Used for cleaning, sterilization, dehydration, and automatic storage of large batch turnover containers (baskets, trays, boxes, etc.).

The turnover container is transported by AGV to the elevator, lifted and placed on the conveyor belt; The containers first arrive at the automatic destacking machine for disassembly, and then are transported one by one to the flipping machine to switch to a downward opening state; After entering the tunnel, the container completes high-pressure cleaning, high-temperature sterilization, rapid water removal, and other processes. It is then flipped again, stacked by a stacker crane, and transported to a designated area for stacking.

application area

Widely used in food processing plants, central kitchens, logistics distribution centers, etc. in industries such as food, catering, meat, baking, fruits and vegetables.

Our advantages


Automated assembly line, the entire process is independently controlled by the program and can be produced 24/7 without interruption. Operators set production parameters through touch screens to achieve visual management of the process flow; The interactive interface is simple and easy to use, simplifying the operation steps; The system supports storing and exporting historical parameters, and users can quickly call them as needed.

High efficiency and quality

Automated assembly line, with processes such as dismantling, cleaning, water removal, and stacking running according to the program, can achieve an efficiency of 200-900 per hour. Surrounding high-temperature and high-pressure spraying ensures the quality of sterilization and cleaning; The combination of air drying and drying allows for more thorough water removal and facilitates standardized storage and management of containers.

Safety and hygiene

The production line pays attention to hygiene protection and adopts multiple prevention and control measures. Automated production can avoid pollution hazards caused by frequent contact between personnel and equipment; Full coverage high-temperature spray, sterilization without dead corners; The water tank is equipped with two filtering devices to ensure water hygiene; The entire line of equipment adopts seamless welding technology, with smooth and flat surfaces and less residue of stains; The conveying track has a self-cleaning function to avoid cross contamination with the container.

Energy conservation

Automated mechanical operations reduce staffing and labor costs. Automatic stacking achieves standardized storage management of containers and reduces warehousing costs. The cleaning process does not require the addition of chemical detergents, saving purchase costs; The circulating water filtration system realizes the full utilization of water resources and reduces the cost of pollution discharge.

Cleanliness and sanitation

The entire equipment is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can be directly washed with high-pressure water, chemically cleaned, and sterilized with high-temperature steam, ensuring hygiene. The equipment is designed with seamless welded pipelines, circular pipe frames, and internal wiring. The tunnel side baffles, pipelines, and nozzles are designed with easy disassembly to ensure unobstructed cleaning. Water curtains are installed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel to prevent water splashing and steam leakage, and to maintain workshop hygiene.


304 stainless steel paired with seamless welding, the equipment has a beautiful appearance and is sturdy and durable. The bottom of the tunnel adopts an integrated groove body with high structural strength. Electrical accessories are selected from international brand manufacturers with guaranteed quality. PLC has strong anti-interference ability and operates more stably. The electric control cabinet is waterproof and dustproof, with built-in overload and leakage protection devices to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel.

Customize to clients need

We will customize the container cleaning line according to your needs and provide you with an intelligent fresh food factory solution that integrates ingredient cleaning, ingredient cooking, and container cleaning design!