Product use

The machine is used for automated cleaning and disinfection of ready-to-eat vegetables.

The vegetables first undergo a vortex cleaning process to remove impurities, then proceed to the flow tank cleaning section where they are soaked in high-concentration disinfectant solution for disinfection. After that, they enter the sterilization cleaning section for a secondary disinfection with low-concentration disinfectant solution. Finally, they are rinsed with clean water to remove any residual disinfectant, completing the pretreatment before packaging the ingredients.


Suitable for salad ingredient suppliers, pre-made food manufacturers, centralized kitchens, and similar enterprises.

Our advantages


The production line boasts a high level of automation, with the machines operating seamlessly according to programmed instructions, thereby minimizing labor costs. A touch screen is employed for real-time monitoring and simplifying the adjustment of various process parameters. The system can store previously used parameters, providing convenience for quick retrieval during subsequent production.

High efficiency and quality

The production process has clear division of labor in each stage, with smooth connections between impurity removal, disinfection. This ensures high production efficiency. The two-step sterilization process thoroughly eliminates harmful microorganisms, ensuring that the vegetables meet the hygiene standards for ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook applications.

Safety and hygiene

Multiple cleaning and sterilization processes are used to remove impurities and harmful chemical residues, killing bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring food safety. The production line focuses on the hygiene of the equipment's external surface, using seamless welding, Exquisite polishing, and curved edge designs that prevent stains from easily accumulating and effectively inhibiting bacterial growth.

Energy conservation

Automated mechanical cleaning enhances the efficiency of water and electricity usage, minimizing labor costs. The circulating water filtration system promotes water resource reuse, thereby reducing wastewater discharge.

Cleanliness and sanitation

All machines in the line boast high ingress protection and easy cleanability, with technical reference ratings ranging from IP65 to IP69K. This allows for both chemical and steam cleaning. The equipment's surface is smooth, facilitating easy removal of stains and other particles, streamlining daily cleaning and maintenance processes.


Utilizing food-grade, high-quality stainless steel, nylon, silicone, and other durable materials ensures resistance to aging and provides an extended service life. Electrical components sourced from renowned international brands guarantee quality and reliability.

The electric control box is not only waterproof and dust proof but also equipped with overload and leakage protection devices, ensuring safety. The PLC exhibits precise control accuracy, robust anti-interference capabilities, and stable overall functionality.

Customize to clients need

We cater to your specific needs! We can customize vegetable cleaning lines according to your actual needs and provide solutions for bulk freshness preservation, dish cooking, and other production lines!