Product use

This machine is used for automated cooling of large quantities of sauce-pickled food.

The transfer machine runs along the track to pick up and deliver food items. The sauce-pickled food is first sent to the vacuum cooler for cooling, and then fully cooled before being discharged by the fresh food transfer machine.


The machine finds extensive applications in the field of braised meat production, serving various sectors such as braised meat manufacturers, delicatessen product manufacturers, leisure food manufacturers, fresh food factories, centralized kitchens, pre-made dishes processing plants, among others.

Our advantages


The machine applies automation control technology, and food transportation, dosing, and cooling are strictly carried out according to program instructions, without manual intervention. The management of the production line is completed through the touchscreen, and real-time monitoring of key process parameters allows for process visualization. The interactive interface is simple and easy to use, providing a good operating experience. The program adopts a modular design, allowing for the addition of communication modules for remote control.

High efficiency and quality

The production line adopts a scientifically designed process, with the transfer machines at the front and rear performing orderly material input and output, and the central parallel cooler alternating to conduct cooling operations. This design shortens the production cycle and improves overall production capacity. The application of a Tri-synergy vacuum cooling technology provides fast cooling, which can accelerate the production process. The food after cooling has uniform internal and external temperatures, avoiding issues such as high-temperature oxidation and bacterial growth, resulting in excellent appearance and flavor of the ingredients.

Safety and hygiene

The production line incorporates multiple antibacterial measures to effectively ensure food safety. Automated production is used to reduce human-machine contact, reducing the risk of human-induced pollution. Before the cooling operation, steam is used to sterilize the vacuum lines, eliminating cross-contamination. The cooling chambers feature double-door designs that support isolated distribution of cold and hot workshops, avoiding food contamination caused by air convection.

Energy conservation

The tri-synergy vacuum system, with its professionally calibrated technical plan, excels in consumption control. The cooling chamber is insulated with polyurethane foam, effectively reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the intelligent water chiller seamlessly switches modes based on ambient temperatures, ensuring long-lasting and efficient power conservation.

Cleanliness and sanitation

he equipment throughout the line is water-resistant and moisture-proof, allowing for direct high-pressure water cleaning, chemical cleaning, and high-temperature steam sterilization, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. The design features easy-to-clean elements such as round pipe hangers, open " I " type sliding rails, and detachable anti-drip covers, providing convenient and obstacle-free cleaning. The production process is contamination-free, facilitating the control of the workshop environment's cleanliness and hygiene.


The production line features good material selection and workmanship, resulting in a long service life. The electrical components are supplied by international quality brand manufacturers, ensuring quality. The integrated seamless welding cooling chambers feature reinforced designs for good air tightness and robustness. The PLC has strong anti-interference capabilities and high control precision. The electrical control box is water-resistant and moisture-proof, with built-in overcurrent and leakage protection devices to ensure the safety of the equipment itself and operators.

Customize to clients need

We can customize sauce-pickled food cooling lines of corresponding specifications and functions based on your actual needs, and provide you with integrated fresh food factory solutions that incorporate functions such as ingredient cleaning, sauce-pickled processing, container cleaning, and more.