Product use

The machine is used for the automated large-scale cleaning for salad ingredients.

Ingredients undergo comprehensive cleaning through aeration and vortex device, separating impurities like hair, soil, insects. Then, hair-removal roller, rotating sieve, and mesh-belt conveyor remove these impurities. Finally, the ingredients undergo a clean water showering to meet the required outfeed standards.


Suitable for salad ingredient suppliers, pre-made food manufacturers, centralized kitchens, and similar enterprises.

Our advantages


A streamlined process controlled by programming reduces labor costs and achieves standardized, regulated ingredient processing. PLC with touch screen offers real-time monitoring of the production process, allowing convenient adjustments. The user-friendly interface optimizes the operational experience. The system memorizes historical process parameters for quick retrieval.

High efficiency and quality

The efficiency of this production line is very high, with a single washing machine having a capacity of 800-1800kg. The capacity can be doubled by connecting multiple machines in parallel, or the cleaning quality can be improved by selecting a serial connection.

The cleaning quality is good, and multiple cleaning processes ensure that impurities are completely and thoroughly removed. The soft operation does not damage the appearance, and can make the ingredients meet the hygiene standards for instant cooking, cooking, and preparation.

Safety and hygiene

The production line emphasizes hygiene protection, designed to meet sanitary standards. The smooth, seamless connections in components leave no corners for dirt accumulation. Processes like laser seamless welding and panel wire drawing polishing ensure surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, preventing the residue of foreign substances or bacteria.

Energy conservation

Mechanized operations replace manual labor, effectively saving water, electricity, and other resources, reducing labor costs. The vortex cleaning section utilizes a circulating and filtering water supply scheme, reusing water resources and reducing wastewater discharge.

Cleanliness and sanitation

All the machines in the line feature a high ingress protection design, enabling direct high-pressure water cleaning, chemical cleaning, and high-temperature steam cleaning. Manufacturing processes such as laser seamless welding and concealed wiring ensure the equipment's surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, facilitating daily maintenance.


Utilizing high-quality materials like food-grade stainless steel, nylon, silicone, etc., ensuring durability and resistance to aging. Electrical components are sourced from international premium brands, ensuring stable and reliable performance. The electric control box is waterproof and moisture-proof, equipped with overload circuit breakers and leakage protection devices, ensuring safety. The production line is equipped with multiple emergency stop buttons for easy operation, guaranteeing production safety.

Customize to clients need

We customize machines and production lines to meet your needs, and provide more solutions for food production lines.