Product use

The machine is designed for rapidly sterilizing the vacuum-packed food.

The AGV follows a preprogrammed route to transport vacuum-packed food to the atmospheric pressure sterilizer. After the door automatically closes, high-temperature steam is introduced. The heat circulation system creates a steam circulation to heat and sterilize the food. After sterilization, cold water spraying is initiated to quickly cool down the hot food, and finally the AGV discharges it.


The machine is widely used in large food-proceeding factories including leisure braised food factories, centralized kitchens, fresh-food factories, pre-made food factories, and various other fresh food production facilities.

Our advantages


Automated production, AGV perform food material transfer according to programmed instructions, without manual intervention. Precise temperature control is achieved through real-time feedback from sensors, enabling standardized sterilization operations. The touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface that allows real-time monitoring of the production line's operational status, simplifying operation steps. It also supports storage of historical process recipes, allowing for quick recall with a single click.

High efficiency and quality

The production line focuses on sterilization efficiency and quality. It employs a steam heating system that provides rapid temperature increase. A circulating steam circulation ensures even heating of the food, resulting in more thorough sterilization. The entire process is conducted under constant pressure without compromising the sealing of the vacuum packaging. After sterilization, a cold water spraying function is activated to rapidly cool the food.

Safety and hygiene

Top-tier hygienic standard fasteners are utilized in component joints, coupled with rubber sealing rings, to eliminate any gaps or blind spots. The welding process involves laser seamless welding, while the panel utilizes wire polishing and frosted surface technology to create smooth transitions on each surface, preventing foreign body residue. The steam pipeline is equipped with a filter device to effectively remove impurities, ensuring no additional pollutants are introduced during operation.

Energy conservation

Our steam heating system boasts high-efficiency sterilization and low consumption.

Steam circulation ensures uniform heat dissipation, increasing the heat utilization rate. Intelligent adjustment of steam flow and recycling save energy and avoid wastage. The cabinet, with one-piece polyurethane foaming insulation, reduces energy consumption.

Cleanliness and sanitation

Being highly protective against ingress and easy cleaning, the machine is versatile for disinfection through direct wiping, chemical cleaning, and high-pressure water cleaning. The machine also supports CIP/SIP/COP cleaning and sterilization, offering great convenience and automation.


Made of fine materials with excellent workmanship, the machine has a stable and safe performance with an extended service life. Our electrical components are supplied by top international brands, guaranteeing reliability and quality. The cabinet is reinforced with rebar to ensure firmness and resistance to deformation. The PLC control system ensures stable operation with minimal interference. The waterproof and moisture-proof control cabinet is equipped with over-current and earth leakage protection mechanisms, further enhancing its safety.

Customize to clients need

We customize equipment and production lines to match your unique specifications, and offer more solutions on the fresh food automated production lines.